Tracking emissions is impossible without data

Corporations are facing increasingly stricter requirements to follow up and reduce global emissions.  To meet these requirements, they need real-time, actionable insights into their CO2 footprint.  Carbonfox  automatically creates insightful information of your spend as suppliers send you invoices for their products and services.

Well how does it work?


The AI model is trained to calculate emissions based on corporate spend and third party data. Any Accounts Payable software will work.


Once the AI model is trained, Carbonfox starts calculating emissions from invoices received.

Benefits of using Carbonfox


Real time insights

Carbonfox gathers data from your supplier invoices as they are received and processed. Data driven decision becomes easier through real time reporting.

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Supplier invoices reflect your business with  your suppliers. Carbonfox enables you to review extensively the global footprint of your operations, mitigating supplier risks and responding to stakeholder expectations.



We crunch your data and present it in a user-friendly way. We use spend data and other corporate data to ensure that end results anchor Carbonfox as a strategic tool for daily decision making. 

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