Automating non-PO invoices is a no-brainer


The cost of processing an invoice manually is ridiculously expensive

Around 60% - 90% of non-PO invoices are handled manually. This manual routing and posting costs around 10 € per invoice! If you sort through thousands or tens of thousands of invoices by hand, you don’t need a math degree to know the process is costing you a lot of time and money. This is where AI helps. The costs of AI are a fraction of the costs of manual work.


Snowfox.AI is the easiest way to increase your non-PO automation

Artificial Intelligence builds and learns the automation rules from the historic invoice and posting data. No need to create rules manually. So, implementing AI is very easy and quick.

You will also see the benefits instantly after implementation.


Very easy to implement

Implementing our AI is very easy and quick. We don’t do massive IT projects. Snowfox.AI can easily be connected with any AP automation software using our interfaces.


Value-based pricing

You only pay when our AI does things right. In other words: we only charge when an invoice is successfully automated. The more AI learns, the more invoices it automates and the more money your company will save.

AI enables higher levels of invoice automation than traditional solutions

Save time

AI handles


of the tasks involved in processing 1 invoice

Increase automation level

Up to over


of the entire invoice volume

What our customers have to say

After implementing Snowfox, the duration of our sending and review tasks in P2P has dropped by 4 days.

Katriina Kokko

Financial Systems Manager, Cramo Group

In the beginning I was very skeptical if artificial intelligence could really work and help us with our work in accounts payable. Few months after the implementation, I have came into conclusion that Snowfox’s artificial intelligence actually learns quickly and works very well. Artificial intelligence really streamlines our work at accounts payable with the predictions it outputs.
PostNord & Snowfox.AI invoice automation artificial intelligence

Kristiina Renko

Accounting Specialist, PostNord Finland

Snowfox.AI artificial intelligence solution has significantly automatized the handling of purchase invoices and brought cost savings. Results arrived immediately after the implementation and we are very pleased about it. Without artificial intelligence, our purchase invoice automation would not be at the current level.
Retta invoice automation AI Snowfox.AI

Taru Manner

Group Financial Controller, Realia Group

"The project has been really interesting, and I am particularly surprised by how good results have been achieved in such a short time. This has been an anticipated step forward in the development of the purchase invoice process and has inspired the whole team to identify areas where automation should be increased."

Colliers invoice automation AI Basware

Tiina Sollo

Service Director

The biggest tangible impact is that we have doubled the number of purchase invoices since we started using Snowfox AI, and we are able to handle the invoices with the same resources.

Heidi Perälä

Team Lead, PHM Group

In the very first month, the prediction accuracy of invoices covered by the automation increased to over 80%, and at the moment we are already above 90%.
Read the customer story
Olli-Pekka Kuha, invoice automation, artificial intelligence

Olli-Pekka Kuha

Enterprise Architect, Kiinteistötahkola Ltd

Artificial intelligence has really upped our automation level. For us, this means
smoother handling of purchase invoices, as well as time saved.
Read the customer story
Sarastia & Snowfox.AI invoice automation artificial intelligence

Katja Somppi

Business manager, Sarastia

Using artificial intelligence, we are able to obtain a comprehensive and continuously updated view of our supply chain carbon footprint and use this data to manage the reduction of our value chain carbon emissions.
iLOQ & Snowfox.AI invoice automation artificial intelligence

Erja Sankari

Chief Operating Officer, iLOQ

The implementation of Snowfox.AI’s artificial intelligence has significantly increased our purchase invoice automation. It has been great to witness that artificial intelligence can automatize even the most challenging purchase invoice's postings and routings.
Versowood invoice automation artificial intelligence

Pepitta Nyman

Accountant, Versowood

It’s great to get to work with Snowfox.AI. Through the partnership, we are able to take our customers’ purchase invoice automation to the next level in the Nordics and Europe.

Heikki Pulli

Sales Director, OpusCapita

We have been able to improve the quality of accounting when invoices have been pre-accounted using artificial intelligence.
Renta invoice automation rillion artificial intelligence

Joel Särkkä

CIO, Renta Group

We want to be a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence and Snowfox.AI offers us a great opportunity from a vantage point to do so. We have received good results with the forecasts made by Snowfox, e.g. workflow proposals. We look forward for their new innovations with artificial intelligence.
Lääkärikeskus aava invoice automation AI Rillion Snowfox.AI

Katja Primetta

Business Controller, Aava Medical Center

Right from our first common client, we at Azets noticed that the collaboration with Snowfox.AI was easy, fast and result-oriented. The reason for the continued deepening of our cooperation is clear: Azets and Snowfox.AI have the same goal, we want to provide our customers efficient service in the most efficient way possible.
Azets invoice automation artificial intelligence Janne Blomqvist Snowfox.AI

Janne Blomqvist

Director, Accounting Services, Azets

Now with Snowfox.AI, around 90% of our invoices are routed automatically. This has really exceeded our expectations, and significantly decreased all manual work related to all accounts payable.
Mehiläinen & Snowfox.AI invoice automation artificial intelligence Snowfox.AI

Roope Rauhalinna

Development Manager, Mehiläinen

Snowfox.AI routes and posts our purchase invoices automatically. This has really helped cut costs on both the accounts payable side, as well as the business side. After these experiences, I wouldn’t know how to go back to the way we did things before.

Pasi Vilhunen

CFO, Bravedo

Artificial intelligence has become part of the financial administration and we are proud to be able to offer the invoice automation that it brings to our customers.

Heidi Hyyryläinen

Head of Invoice Automation, Heeros

Our experiences with artificial intelligence are really promising. Also the possibilities of savings are honestly unbelievable.

Juha Väänänen

CEO, Rillion Finland

Going more and more touchless for PtP processing is a continuous journey for us and we have been a bit struggling for invoices without purchase orders - let's see what this predictive AI will bring to the table

Michal Schwarz

Process and Innovation Manager & Business Controller

  • Cramo Group
  • PostNord
  • Retta
  • Colliers
  • PHM Group
  • Kiinteistötahkola
  • Sarastia
  • iLOQ
  • Versowood
  • OpusCapita
  • Renta Group
  • Aava
  • Azets
  • Mehiläinen
  • Bravedo
  • Heeros
  • Rillion
  • Atlas Copco

Snowfox products

Handle purchase invoices faster and track your company's carbon emissions. All with artificial intelligence.

Snowfox.AI for invoice

Snowfox.AI automatically handles those non-PO invoices that don't have automation rules within your AP automation platform.
Snowfox.AI plugs into your current system, learns from your historic posting data and automates based on that information.

This is how Snowfox.AI works

Carbonfox for automated carbon emission calculations

Carbonfox tracks and calculates your company’s carbon emissions across the entire supply chain.
AI provides real-time data and calculations so that you can take timely actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

This is how Carbonfox works

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