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Increase Non-PO Invoice Automation with AI

Snowfox.AI predicts the postings and routing of your Non-PO invoices automatically using artificial intelligence and saves time from manual work.

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Roope Rauhalinna

Development Manager, Mehiläinen

Now with Snowfox.AI, around 90% of our invoices are routed automatically. This has really exceeded our expectations, and significantly decreased all manual work related to all accounts payable.
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CEO, Palette Software

Juha Väänänen

Palette Software

Our experiences with artificial intelligence are really promising. Also the possibilities of savings are honestly unbelievable.

Pasi Vilhunen


Snowfox.AI routes and posts our purchase invoices automatically. This has really helped cut costs on both the accounts payable side, as well as the business side. After these experiences, I wouldn’t know how to go back to the way we did things before.
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Joel Särkkä

CIO, Renta Group

We have been able to improve the quality of accounting when invoices have been
pre-accounted using artificial intelligence.
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Janne Blomqvist

Director, Accounting Services, Azets

Right from our first common client, we at Azets noticed that the collaboration with Snowfox.AI was easy, fast and result-oriented. The reason for the continued deepening of our cooperation is clear: Azets and Snowfox.AI have the same goal, we want to provide our customers efficient service in the most efficient way possible.

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