Handling purchase invoices is the most time-consuming task in the accounts payable because most of the work is still done manually. Manual coding and routing for approval flow takes a lot of time. Traditional rule-based automation can only automate a small part of the invoices.

Artificial intelligence solves this problem.

Snowfox.AI codes and routes those invoices automatically that you are handling manually right now and increases automation up to over 90%.

The difference between manual purchase invoice processing and AI automation

How does AI work in accounts payable?

Snowfox.AI automates the coding and routing for approval flow of those invoices that don't have automation rules within your AP solution.

Snowfox.AI can be easily connected with your current AP software or ERP as an add on module.

AI learns from your historic coding and workflow data and increases invoice automation immediately up to 90%. No rules need to be created for AI to learn.

In our customers' words

The project has been really interesting, and I am particularly surprised by how good results have been achieved in such a short time. This has been an anticipated step forward in the development of the purchase invoice process and has inspired the whole team to identify areas where automation should be increased.
Colliers invoice automation - Accounting AI

Tiina Sollo

Service Director

I am very satisfied with Snowfox.AI artificial intelligence solution. We have been able to leverage the automation brought by AI very effectively, and we have achieved results quickly with a very reasonable investment.
I especially appreciate the fact that Snowfox operates on a SaaS model, connecting with our existing invoice workflow solution.
Seppo Haapalainen

Seppo Haapalainen


In the very first month, the prediction accuracy of invoices covered by the automation increased to over 80%, and at the moment we are already above 90%.

Olli-Pekka Kuha

Enterprise Architect, Kiinteistötahkola Ltd

After implementing Snowfox, the duration of our sending and review tasks in P2P has dropped by 4 days.

Cramo invoice automation AI Basware P2P Snowfox.AI

Katriina Kokko

Financial Systems Manager, Cramo Group

Artificial intelligence has allowed us to take a leap forward with our automation levels. That results in smoother processing of purchase invoices and in time savings

Katja Somppi

Business Manager, Sarastia

The biggest tangible impact is that we have doubled the number of purchase invoices since we started using Snowfox AI, and we are able to handle the invoices with the same resources.

PHM Invoice automation artificial intelligence

Heidi Perälä

Team Lead, PHM Group

Now with Snowfox.AI, around 90% of our invoices are routed automatically. This has really exceeded our expectations, and significantly decreased all manual work related to all accounts payable.
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Roope Rauhalinna

Roope Rauhalinna

Development Manager, Mehiläinen

Artificial intelligence has become part of the financial administration and we are proud to be able to offer the invoice automation that it brings to our customers.

Heidi Hyyryläinen

Head of Invoice Automation, Heeros

The implementation of Snowfox.AI’s artificial intelligence has significantly increased our purchase invoice automation. It has been great to witness that artificial intelligence can automatize even the most challenging purchase invoice's postings and routings.
Client image

Pepitta Nyman

Accountant, Versowood

Snowfox.AI artificial intelligence solution has significantly automatized the handling of purchase invoices and brought cost savings. Results arrived immediately after the implementation and we are very pleased about it. Without artificial intelligence, our purchase invoice automation would not be at the current level.

Taru Manner

Group Financial Controller, Retta

We want to be a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence and Snowfox.AI offers us a great opportunity from a vantage point to do so. We have received good results with the forecasts made by Snowfox, e.g. workflow proposals. We look forward for their new innovations with artificial intelligence.

Katja Primetta

Business Controller, Aava Medical Center

Right from our first common client, we at Azets noticed that the collaboration with Snowfox.AI was easy, fast and result-oriented. The reason for the continued deepening of our cooperation is clear: Azets and Snowfox.AI have the same goal, we want to provide our customers efficient service in the most efficient way possible.

Janne Blomqvist

Director, Accounting Services, Azets

Our experiences with artificial intelligence are really promising. Also the possibilities of savings are honestly unbelievable.
Juha Väänänen

Juha Väänänen

CEO, Rillion Finland

Snowfox.AI routes and posts our purchase invoices automatically. This has really helped cut costs on both the accounts payable side, as well as the business side. After these experiences, I wouldn’t know how to go back to the way we did things before.
Pasi Vilhunen

Pasi Vilhunen

CFO, Bravedo

We have been able to improve the quality of accounting when invoices have been pre-accounted using artificial intelligence.
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Renta invoice automation AI Rillion Snowfox.AI

Joel Särkkä

CIO, Renta Group

It’s great to get to work with Snowfox.AI. Through the partnership, we are able to take our customers’ purchase invoice automation to the next level in the Nordics and Europe.

Heikki Pulli

Sales Director, OpusCapita

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How does the AI learn from invoice data?


AI learns from the previous 3-12 months of purchase invoices and related coding data.


AI combs through the historic data to learn how your invoices are coded and routed before.


After training is done, AI gets to work and starts predicting codings and approval flow for the incoming invoices.


Invoices goes through your approval flow, where they receive the final coding and approval flow.


AI receives the final coding and workflow data as a feedback and updates the AI models based on that. 


A detailed visual analytics tool shows transparently, how AI has performed and improved.

Snowfox.AI product features

Automatic coding

AI codes invoices automatically based on historical invoice data. It even predicts multirow postings.

AI works together with your purchase invoice system by only automating invoices that you cannot process automatically with your existing system.

Automatic routing

AI routes invoices automatically for approval flow. The more the AI handles purchase invoices, the better the accuracy of its predictions become.

AI’s accuracy for predicting workflow correctly is 70–95%.

Real-time reporting

You can follow real-time how correctly AI is performing.

The reports show how accurate AI’s coding and routing predictions are for each coding dimension.

Data fetching

AI finds missing information from an invoice XML or image and populates data to the correct invoice field.

AI fetches all kind of reference data from all the invoice data fields, such as project numbers, contract numbers, purchase order numbers etc.

Invoice image recognition

Snowfox is using all the data from invoice images for the AI prediction purposes. We are not creating a structured data format from the invoice image but analyzing all the text content for the AI predictions.

AI can code and route automatically even if you only are receiving invoice images.

PO matching

AI finds missing purchase order numbers from invoice data and invoice images and populates the correct PO field.

We have more to come for this feature!

Touchless process

AI can move auto coded invoices straight to the booking system without an approval process.

You save a lot of time when you determine which invoices AI can handle without anyone
touching them.

Prediction accuracy of the AI

This number shows averagely how accurately our AI is predicting our clients’ invoice dimensions. The figure is updated daily.

Snowfox.AI integrates with all accounts payable software

Snowfox.AI connects to your existing purchase invoice software or ERP through ready-made interfaces. By implementing AI, it will massively increase your financial administration’s level of automation. We use two different ways to connect: API and SFTP.



Works seamlessly with all the AP solutions and ERP's


Integrates easily and quickly through existing interfaces


The most accurate invoice automation AI in the market

Snowfox.AI can be easily connected with all AP automation software and ERP's

Results based pricing

Our pricing is based on 3 things:


Transaction fee only per correctly predicted invoice

We only charge for the invoices the AI predicts correctly. The predictions are checked automatically with real-time reporting after the invoices have been approved.


Implementation fee

We don’t do big IT projects so our implementation process is quick and easy. That is why our implementation fees are not astronomical, but they do depend on your individual needs.


Fixed annual fee

This is a fixed annual subscription fee. We use this fee to cover service updates, customer support, and continuous development. The amount depends on the complexity of your current system.

And that’s all. Those three fees are the only things you pay for with Snowfox.AI. We don’t charge any separate hourly or daily rates.

AI is always cheaper and faster than manual handling!

Want to know more about pricing?

Leave us a message and let’s chat!

Why should you implement AI automation into your P2P process?

AI is always a better option than manually handling invoices. In every imaginable way. If you need further convincing, here are four good reasons to start using AI.

  1. AI automates the impossible: the coding and routing of invoices. Automate those invoices that your rule-based automation system cannot handle.
  2. Saves time from manual work. AI can automate up to 90% of the manual work from purchase invoice processes.
  3. Decreases the costs of handling purchase invoices. Handling invoices manually costs over 10 € per invoice. AI will do the same work with a fraction of the costs.
  4. Helps you align your posting process. Different people are coding invoices in different ways. With AI, all your processes are aligned and your reporting is consistent.

3 easy steps to start using Snowfox.AI

Implementing the Snowfox.AI is quick. It doesn’t require an IT project, as it can be easily connected with your existing AP automation software.


Step 1: Free capability test!

We will provide you a free AI capability test with your historic invoice data. We only need 3 - 12 months of historic invoices and the related coding data and we will build and test AI models for you.


Step 2: Contract

If you’re happy with the AI capability test results and our pricing, we can sign a contract to continue increasing your purchase invoices.


Step 3: Implementation

Snowfox.AI will be connected with your current AP automation software or ERP, using our interfaces. The implementation process takes 3-4 weeks of calendar time.

Your privacy is important to us

At Snowfox, the protection of your privacy is essential. We process your personal data in a careful and secure manner, respecting your right to privacy. We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection legislation, and we always follow the best privacy practices.

You can find more information about our privacy here.

We take security very seriously

Here are our most important security features.


World-class data centres

The Snowfox.AI service is hosted on Google Cloud. The infrastructure of Google Cloud is one of the safest, most trusted, and most secure cloud environments in the world. 


Data encryption

We protect your data by using secure servers and data encryption during internal and external data transfers. We store the data in an encrypted form in our databases and data warehouses.


The data is stored inside EU/EEA

We store your data safely. Everything is saved and transferred in an encrypted form inside EU/EEA, and we create backups regularly. This way, we ensure that your valuable information stays safe and sound, no matter what.


Top class data security

Snowfox's development team has certified security experience. We conduct an annual third-party security audit, which covers technical security and its underlying processes. This ensures that our service is secure and is developed and maintained with a high level of security.

Request free AI capability test here. Let's see how accurate Snowfox is with your invoices!