Carbonfox tracks the carbon emissions caused in your entire supply chain by analyzing your supplier invoice flow and third-party databases.

Follow your global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in real-time without any manual work. Gain an understanding of the scope of your company’s emissions, and manage and report on them transparently across your company and stakeholders.

Start tracking and reducing your carbon emissions with real-time data

Organizations are facing increasingly stricter requirements and expectations to follow and reduce their global carbon emissions. They need real-time and actionable data on their GHG emissions across their whole supply chain to meet these requirements.

Carbonfox AI-based emission management tool automatically tracks and analyzes your emissions based on your suppliers’ invoices and global emissions data from validated sources. You gain a deep understanding of your emissions and can manage your business based on the insights.


In our customer’s words

Using artificial intelligence, we are able to obtain a comprehensive and continuously updated view of our supply chain carbon footprint and use this data to manage the reduction of our value chain carbon emissions.
Erja Sankari, iLOQ

Erja Sankari

Chief Operating Officer, iLOQ

  • iLOQ

How does Carbonfox track carbon emissions

in real-time?

AI automatically analyzes your supplier invoice flow and third-party databases enabling you to follow your global emissions.

Steps to discovering your company’s GHG emission data

Step 1: Data gathering & analysis

AI crawls through all your supplier invoices for all the necessary data for calculating emissions. Carbonfox also uses third-party data, such as global GHG emission databases, for accurate emission data and analyses.

Step 2: Training the AI

Putting together the supplier and third-party data, the AI model is then trained to calculate your company’s emissions. Carbonfox works with any accounts payable software and can read all different invoice formats.

Step 3: Real-time calculations

Once the AI model is trained, Carbonfox calculates emissions from invoices received in real-time. AI uses emission factors to calculate how much GHG emissions have been created across the entire supply chain across the globe. AI continuously learns and the accuracy of its calculations improves with new data.

Step 4: Reporting

Reporting supports your company’s business. The reporting provides you with global emission data as well as with business and financial insights that enable you to understand and manage the global footprint of your operations, mitigating supplier risks and responding to stakeholder expectations. We also report emissions according to GHG Protocol aligned scope categories.

The benefits of using Carbonfox carbon emission tracker

No more manual calculations

AI automatically gathers, tracks and analyzes emissions. Say goodbye to quarter, biannual or annual manual calculations and rearview analyses based on scattered data. You can trust your continuous data flow.

Accurate real-time data

You will have a real-time view of your company’s emissions at all times. AI constantly refines the calculations which constantly improves the accuracy of the calculations. The methodology is based on the GHG Protocol.

Transparent data for decision-making

Carbonfox is fully transparent. A third party has verified our methodology. AI is able to drill down on every invoice and follow the entire data trail. This data is then presented in a clear and concise way which allows you to share the information easily across your company and stakeholders. Real-time data links the results directly to your company’s business and goals.


How to start reducing your organization’s carbon emissions?


There are 2 easy ways to start tracking your carbon emissions:

  1. Start using Carbonfox now.

    We plug in the AI to your AP software, train it based on your organization’s historic invoice data and develop real-time analytics with current data. As AI works through your supplier invoices, it constantly learns and refines its calculations. You get a comprehensive view of your company's carbon emissions as well as comparative data from a historical point of view instantly.

  2. Test Carbonfox with a free trial.

    You can test Carbonfox with a limited data set and a snapshot report. We can take your historic invoice data from 3-6 months, and provide you with a snapshot of what Carbonfox could achieve with your company’s data. After the free trial, it's easy to move forward with using Carbonfox on a continuous basis.

Are you ready to start tracking your company’s emission data?

Do you want to know more about how Carbonfox works and what kind of results you can expect by using it? We would be happy to tell you more. Leave your contact details and we can have a chat.