AI revolutionizes non-PO invoice automation

Manual handling of non-PO purchase invoices is expensive and takes a lot of time. Companies are spending hours and hours posting and routing non-PO invoices manually. Automating their handling process would make everyones’ lives easier, but automatically processing non-PO invoices is notoriously difficult.

Did you know that the manual handling of non-PO purchase invoices cost around 5 -15 € per invoice?

But artificial intelligence has progressed dramatically in recent years and it has made non-PO invoice handling very easy. In fact, AI is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to automate the posting and routing of non-PO invoices.

In our "Artificial intelligence Is revolutionizing the non-PO Invoice Automation" webinar we show you how. We talk about the capabilities of AI in the P2P process and show you how to use AI in your purchase invoice process.

Duration: 37 minutes

By watching this webinar you will learn:

  • How artificial intelligence works as part of the purchase invoice handling process
  • How artificial intelligence learns and develops over time
  • What the typical P2P automation levels are that can be achieved with artificial intelligence
  • How AI and the AP automation system's own rule-based automation work seamlessly together
  • How artificial intelligence can be implemented in any AP automation system
  • The costs to implementing AI
  • How companies are automating their non-PO invoices

If you work in accounts payable or still have to post and route purchase invoices manually, you should definitely watch this webinar recording!


Hosted by
Nimetön suunnittelumalli-1

Tuomas Haapsaari, Snowfox.AI

Tuomas has a great experience automating large companies' purchase invoice handling processes with artificial intelligence. He is very familiar with P2P processes as well as purchase invoice systems. Tuomas is leading Snowfox's growth.

Miikka Savolainen

 Miikka has more than 20 years of experience in financial management automation solutions and process development. Miikka has seen the development of automation solutions over the decades and has been the first person in Finland to automate financial management processes. At Snowfox.AI Miikka is responsible for operational activities