Track carbon emissions in the entire supply chain with AI Carbonfox

Artificial intelligence can impact your company’s carbon footprint. How? AI makes it ridiculously easy and quick to track, report and manage your company's carbon emissions across your entire supply chain from data that you already have: purchase invoices. 

AI powered carbon emission calculator replaces manual emission calculations

Most companies calculate their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint manually and usually annually. This makes it hard to understand changes in real time, not to mention reacting to them in time. Calculating your company's climate impact is time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. It is also challenging from a transparency perspective, as sources of data and emissions might vary between operations and years.

Artificial intelligence automates, streamlines and brings transparency to a company's carbon footprint. By implementing AI, you'll be able to be at the forefront on your company's climate strategy, emission reporting, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Start tracking and reducing carbon emissions with real time data

In the “How to track your company's supply chain carbon impact in real time?” webinar we show how you can obtain an automated and real time supply chain carbon emission data by using Carbonfox, AI powered emission calculator.

We’ll tell you in a concrete way, how artificial intelligence works to map out your supply chain carbon footprint - automatically and in real time. We show you what AI is capable of doing and how it works with your purchase invoice data flow.

If you’re responsible for your company’s climate impact and emission reporting, the webinar will give you a ton of useful information on how you can benefit from AI.

The webinar is hosted by Snowfox.AI, and is a part of a Carbonfox webinars series that take place during the summer and autumn of 2022.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • What are the capabilities of AI in providing business-relevant climate data?
  • How does artificial intelligence learn to estimate supply chain carbon footprint?
  • How to use Carbonfox AI carbon emission calculator?
  • How does the AI work together with your existing carbon footprint?
  • What is the right time for implementing the AI to help your climate work?
    Implementation process of AI
  • How can the results of AI be followed through real-time analytics?

Get a comprehensive and automatically updating view combining finance and climate data, and start taking meaningful action today.

Learn more about what Carbonfox can do here.





Hanna is highly experienced in helping all sizes of companies in combining financial and sustainability data to actionable insights. She is leading Carbonfox product development.




Niko has over a ten years of experience with financial systems. As his daily work Niko is helping Snowfox.AI customers to automate their purchase invoice processes with
artificial intelligence.