Guide: AI automation in purchase invoice processing

Companies spend a lot of time on manual work when processing purchase invoices. Unfortunately handling invoices by hand is the most expensive option, not to mention it takes an inordinate amount of time.

Automating the purchase invoice process has been talked about for decades, but results have not been something to brag about. Luckily artificial intelligence has brought a significant leap forward in the automation of the purchase invoice process.

In our guide we explain its possibilities in more detail.

How does AI automate the purchase invoice process?

The guide goes through a wide range of perspectives on AI in the purchase invoice process. You learn about the logic of AI, its capabilities in invoice automation, how to integrate it to your accounts payable system, and how you can receive the best results by letting AI and your AP software handle invoices together. Just to mention a few examples of what the guide covers.
If you work in accounts payable or you post or route purchase invoices manually, you should definitely read this guide.

Contents of the AI invoice automation guide:

  • Why is automating the purchase invoice handling process so important today?
  • How does artificial intelligence work, learn and develop?
  • What level of automation can artificial intelligence achieve in posting and routing of purchase invoices?
  • How can artificial intelligence be integrated to your purchase invoice system?
  • How do artificial intelligence and the system's own automation work in cooperation?
  • At what stage is artificial intelligence most sensible to implement as part of the purchase invoice handling process?
  • Basics of artificial intelligence pricing
  • Testing Snowfox.AI artificial intelligence with your own purchase invoice data
  • How is artificial intelligence implemented in practice?

All this information you get for free by downloading the guide!

By the way, did you know that every purchase invoice processed completely manually costs the company around € 10 or even more? Artificial intelligence is able to automate invoices with a fraction of the cost of manual work!


The authors of the guide


Tuomas constantly meets medium-sized and large companies and gets to know their situation from the perspective of the purchase invoice processing process. He has a broad view of the automation levels of the purchase invoice processing process as well as purchase invoice systems. Tuomas is responsible for Snowfox's growth.


Miikka has more than 20 years of experience in financial management automation solutions and process development. Miikka has seen the development of automation solutions over the decades and has been the first person in Finland to automate financial management processes. At Snowfox, Miikka is responsible for operational activities.